• Jessica Benson

The Wind and the Whimpering Initial Development

Over the past few weeks I have been working on the very early development of a new short film 'The Wind and the Whimpering' I am set to produce this independent short alongside Co Producer Charlie Ditcham. Written and Directed by Laurence McManus, 'The Wind and the Whimpering' conquers ever relevant themes of nature, identity and environmental changes.

Writer and Director Laurence McManus, began writing the screenplay for the Wind and the Whimpering after considering the turmoil Ratty and Mole from The Wind in the Willows would no doubt experience, should they ever realise that they are fictional monsters akin to the beasts on the island of Doctor Moreau. Growing up in the New Forest, he has been inexplicably drawn to illuminate the curious creatures of  England's woodland through the medium of film. He relishes the responsibility of directing pieces of his writing which require him to question the need for their creation.

Synopsis: Confined between man and animal, Toad struggles to understand the justification for his existence. Saturated with the monotony of honest marshland work, his dormant hungers are awoken and he desperately tries to hold together the fraying edges of his identity.

Currently we are working to get this short in a strong position ready to apply for funding by the end of June 2020. Drafting treatments, budgets, developing the vision, making script adjustments and finding suitable crew are all on our ever busy to do list for the month ahead. Already so much work has taken place to get to this point and I'm extremely excited to watch this production develop further over the coming months.

We are currently searching for passionate creatives to join us on this project! If you would like to express your interest contact us.

To keep up to date with the productions development visit 'The Wind and the Whimpering' Website and visit our social media sites (coming soon).

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