• Jessica Benson

The Wind and the Whimpering (2021) Crowdfunding Campaign

Over the past few months The Wind and the Whimpering has been making steady progress. The next stage in our journey is raising funds and in order to do that we have created a crowdfunding campaign.

Since my previous post on this project our crew has expanded, we have found a location, partnered with a national charity and we are currently in the process of casting an actor to embody Toad.

As recent film graduates, this is our biggest project yet. The Wind and the Whimpering requires a lot of detail to create a nuanced depiction of the world Toad inhabits. In order to achieve this, the project will need a large amount of production design and potentially a set-build to erect a thorough frame wherein this story can be cast. To create its three characters The Wind and the Whimpering team have also budgeted for SFX makeup, something already in the early stages of development.

Additionally, we need to account for the logistics of the project. We require funds toward transport, accommodation and food for all our actors, extras and crew throughout the duration of the shoot as well as the extra incurred cost of keeping everyone safe during a time of social distancing. Once the shoot is complete we will also have to spare money for post-production and then finally festival entries to hopefully help launch our film careers!

Our team are passionate about wildlife conservation and are privileged to have partnered with Froglife, a national charity concerned with the conservation of the UK’s amphibian and reptile species and their associated habitats. The organisation has agreed to support our project in telling a story as accurate to reality as possible. In return, we would like to donate 10% of this fundraiser toward the cause to support their fantastic efforts in wildlife conservation. 

Froglife have three main goals within their work: conservation research, transforming lives and transforming landscapes. 

In order to achieve all this and more we need to raise funds for the project. Our crowdfunding campaign can be found here. Every penny, share and comment will really help us in achieving our goals to make this the best project it can be.

Thank you so much for all the support on this project so far!

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