• Jessica Benson

Producing Showreel 2020

I have been bringing together footage from all the projects I have worked on over the past three years and created a producers showreel to demonstrate my skills. The showreel not only shows my producing roles but also my work within location management and casting.

Lost Call - 2018 (producer, locations manager and casting coordinator)

Fear - 2018 (producer and cinematography assistant)

I am Gwen - 2019 (producer, locations manager and casting coordinator)

Brutalism - A Hope Dashed - 2019 (producer and locations manager)

Home Gnomes - 2020 (producer, locations manager and casting coordinator)

Petrol Station Girl - 2020 (producer, locations manager and casting coordinator)

Spinning Frame - 2020 (producer and locations manager).

Putting together this little showreel has been a truly enjoyable project during this lockdown period and has been nostalgic for me looking back over past films I've worked on. I am very excited to be working on a range of projects getting them prepared for production once lockdown is lifted as well as building my own brand. Lets hope 2021s showreel is even more packed with fresh and exciting projects.

If you would be interested in working with me on corporate commissions, films, documentaries or even theatre projects please do get in touch with me via email contact@jessbensonfilms.com. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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