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Petrol Station Girl (2020)

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The official Petrol Station Girl 2020 Film poster
Petrol Station Girl (2020) Poster designed by Rowan Wolowacz.

'Petrol Station Girl', a Coming of Age short, follows Connor on his last night in his local town who plucks up the courage to finally confess his attraction to 'the petrol station girl', Katie who he admires from a distance every day on his way home from school. This interaction makes Connor realise reality doesn't quite match up with his initial perception. Katie encourages Connor out of his shell through a very innocent and endearing conversation. Following a difficult past causing much anticipation and anxiety, this is the first time Connor feels as though his voice is heard.

Producer: Jessica Benson

Director: Anna McKenzie

Writer: Kierian O'Hare

Director of Photography: Amy Clifford

Petrol Station Girl (2020) has recently completed post production and is now awaiting festival submission. Due to COVID-19 this has become slightly delayed however we are ambitious for this short to be released during Summer 2020.

Keep an eye on my production diary for regular updates on the progression of 'Petrol Station Girl' going into release.

Download PDF • 1.11MB

For more information or to discuss release please contact Jess at contact@jessbensonfilms.com.

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