• Jessica Benson

Oceans Between Production Diary

'Oceans Between' (2021) is a short beautiful coming of age story that is set in England, 1980s.

The story follows Henry who visualises what his life once was after a life changing diagnosis of Aids. The film explores the question of "what is the meaning of life?" which is prevalent in todays society. We as humans constantly question our own life and wonder if what we are doing is truly making us happy. This film challenges that thought in its own way. The story dives into the themes of friendship, love, bravery and acceptance.

Production took place over three days located in both Farnham and Bournemouth. What is set to be a cinematic short will be released to festivals late June 2021.

I production managed this project working closely alongside Hannah Benson, the producer. Keeping on top of the logistics, ensuring safety on set and efficiency. I am incredibly proud of the entire team who had to battle against many issues.

On the first beach day we ended up having to wrap after only capturing about a quarter of the footage due to extreme weather conditions. With an already tight shoot we were left to fit in as much as possible on the third and final day cramming in almost two days worth of footage. The entire team worked so hard to ensure we could wrap with as much to head into the edit with as possible.

I am so proud of the entire team and can't wait to see how this film progresses through the edit and into festival release!