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Home Gnomes (2020)

Updated: May 5, 2020

The official Home Gnomes (2020) Film Poster
Home Gnomes (2020) Poster designed by Alisa Dozorceva.

'Home Gnomes' (2020) is a short dark comedy featuring Belinda and the three gnomes who have inhabited the uncanny world of her garden for many years. Following the timely death of homeowner Belinda's eldest gnome, the arrival of new gnome Tony causes unrest within the garden. 

Ray, one of Belinda's older gnomes takes it upon himself to preserve order within the garden he's lived in throughout his lifetime. With little time Ray must decide on the actions that he must take to maintain balance within the garden he's worked so hard to protect, resulting in tragedy. 

There must always be three, no more shall we see.

Producer: Jessica Benson

Director: Ekaterina Saiapina

Writer: Laurence McManus

Director of Photography: Charlie Ditcham

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak 'Home Gnomes' has had some delays in its completion. Originally set to be complete for April 2020 there are still a few tweaks we would like to make ahead of submitting the short into Film Festivals.

Once able to get back into the studio we plan to finalise and neaten the final picture cut and sound edit ahead of final export.

Keep checking my production diary for regular updates on the developments of 'Home Gnomes' as it is finalised and released later this year.

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