• Jessica Benson

Fear (2018)

Fear is a short film featuring Archie Westland-Rose and Malin Karp. The short follows 'Jack' a young boy terrified of the darkness found within his wardrobe. One night after much preparation Jack decides to face his fear head on by entering his wardrobe meeting a personified version of the darkness he has always feared.

Shot on the Bolex camera using 16mm black and white film.

Produced by Jessica Benson & Danielle Gains

Written by Danielle Gains

Directed by Charlie Ditcham

Photography by Laurence McManus

Fear was an extremely enjoyable project for me to produce. Being able to work with a range of age groups, tackle child licensing applications and keeping a production to schedule whilst also following laws was a challenge but one I found to be throughly rewarding.

Fear is a project I will always hold close to my heart as the project that bought together a team of people I continued to work closely with throughout the remainder of University and beyond. Also staying in contact with Archie Westland-Rose and continuing to offer opportunities for him on future films I have worked on has been a joy.

This production was produced as part of coursework for my BA Film Production degree at the University for the Creative Arts.

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