Jessica Benson ~ digital marketing portfolio

I have  worked on multiple marketing projects, the most notable being with The Byfleet Players as a Marketing Manager. I've got experience in poster, programme and digital marketing content creation with the aim of driving sales and a particular interest in social media management. Currently I am gaining experience within editing moving image content with the purpose of being displayed across social channels and websites going directly in hand with my Film Production Degree.

In 2019 I completed a two month Digital Marketing Internship with IndustrialScripts. An industry leading script coverage consultancy agency. This internship introduced me to online content creation creating online videos with the aim of streamlining their affiliate marketing strategy. Leading on from this in 2020 I worked with Pets at Home to fulfil a brief creating short educational videos to be shared on my local stores Facebook page. 

To further put my knowledge to the test I started my own E-commerce site during 2020 utilising Etsy and Instagram. Growing a following and in turn generating sales for my small business. Starting this business allowed me to develop my skills within the real world as well as experimenting and finding my niche.

I have knowledge of software including Wordpress, Etsy, Wix, Canva, TicketSource, iMovie & Final Cut Pro.

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The Byfleet Players

The Byfleet Players are a local but well recognised amateur dramatics group based in Woking, Surrey. They put on performances throughout the year but are most well known for their annual pantomime. I joined the group during  2017 where I designed the programme for Goldilocks and the Three Bears. From there I continued creating programmes, posters, online content and doing photography for the group. 

Event Planning

Organisation of performance events including the designing of advertisement posters and programmes. Initiating online ticket sales through the Byfleet Players website powered by TicketSource. As online ticket sales were new to the organisation I needed to ensure all advertisement was clear.

Digital Marketing

Admin of the Byfleet Players Facebook page. I was responsible for the photography, graphics and short videos featured across the groups social media. I designed posts with the intention of driving ticket sales within the local village and directing people toward purchasing online.


By moving ticket sales online I was able to create a quick and easy process for customers to purchase their tickets by card and at any time.This was reflected in the number of ticket sales especially for the summer performance where ticket sales increased on the previous year.

Chronic Prints

Chronic Prints is an online shop powered through Etsy which sells prints, stickers and enamel pin badges with the mission of raising awareness of Chronic Illnesses, Disabilities and Mental Health. I started the business in August 2020 and since then the store and social media following has continued to grow. 

The Launch

Knowing of the welcoming Chronic Illness community on Instagram this is where I started with my efforts to grow brand awareness. Ahead of the website launch I gained a following and rapport with the community who would later become my customers. The store launched on 14th August 2020 making sales that very day. Since then the store continues to grow.

Opening and management of an Etsy Store.

Social Media Management.

Branding and logo creation.


Digital Marketing

Being the manager of the social media page I created regular content to be posted multiple times a week. Created sharable content to create awareness of the brand. Shared reviews from customers on the Chronic Prints Instagram story. Managed the inbox of both email and Instagram DMs. Created brand deals with Influencers and Charities. Created custom orders.


Grew a following over 1000 and drove over 300 sales within the first few months of opening. 

Created a host of products featured on Etsy. Grew the brand to also be featured on Thortful. 

Over 60 five star reviews within the first few months of opening and more across social media channels. Gained a loyal, returning customer base.

Secured brand deals and have been featured on other Instagram pages.

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Pets at Home

During the Summer of 2020 I was given the opportunity to create four short videos to be featured on the Pets at Home Walton on Thames Facebook Page. The videos were to be to a set brief with the aim of increasing engagement and making events accessible despite the pandemic. They needed to be suitable for those of all ages and contain all the information needed to answer the questions provided on an accompanying work sheet.

The Process

The four videos were written, shot and edited by me. I created each video with a quick turn around time of one day. I shot on my DSLR camera (Canon 200D) and edited using iMovie. Following completion I uploaded the video to the relevant social media channels and scheduled them to go live at a time set by the company.

Digital Marketing

I was in charge of managing the videos on the stores Facebook page as well as the competition that ran alongside. I marketed the videos in a way to increase engagement on the page as well as page visibility.


As an admin of the Pets at Home Walton on Thames page I was responsible for all posts on a store level. My tasks included animal photography, content creation, social media management.

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The series of videos were well received both across the Pets at Home group and social media. Engagement increased across the page during period of upload. The project fulfilled its goal of providing an educational event for the community of Walton on Thames with customers coming into store and giving positive feedback on the posts.